Dear OATA members and friends,

Here is important information about our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held virtually via Zoom on Sunday, November 6, 2022 from 1:15 pm to 4:00 pm – Ontario Time.  The Zoom link will be open 15 minutes before the start of the meeting for participants to mingle.

The AGM is not only an opportunity for the Board to connect with the Members and provide an update on the activities of the past year but it is also an opportunity for you to meet us and the new people that have recently joined us. As well, in order for the Board to move forward and continue activities in support of the Membership, an AGM must take place to review the Financial Statements (a legal requirement).

We also have an exciting workshop planned by Linda Nicholas (member from the ethics committee) for after the meeting.  The title for the workshop is Recognizing How the Client Affects You: The Importance Of Being Aware.

Description: Though I am now retired, my interest in the interaction between therapist/counsellor and client during sessions remains undiminished. The continuation of supervision, after training is complete, is expensive and time consuming, and it becomes our lonely responsibility to examine what is usually called countertransference – how you are affected by the client, and how that consequently affects the relationship. Together we can examine what Roger Casement, a distinguished British psychotherapist, calls the ‘internal supervisor’. We all need one!

Please bring some good quality white paper, about 12ins by 8ins, a 2B pencil, and eraser. We will be using the Objective Approach. 

See you virtually,

Linda Nicholas

 Importantly, as the Board is eager to continue the work of the Association on your behalf, we are asking you to spend a few minutes to complete a survey through the shared link about your interests and perspectives on OATA membership. The results of the survey will be made known at the AGM. It is very important that every member please complete the survey.

While acknowledging how busy you are I am also asking you to please register for the AGM (

 During our AGM we want to provide an opportunity for Members to ask questions. As this will again be a virtual experience, we will once again be providing you with the Annual Report in advance of the meeting and asking that you submit questions in advance as, owing to the virtual format, we will not be able to take questions during the event.  

 In closing, I want to thank you for your continued Membership and to say that I very much look forward to sharing the activities of the past year at our AGM.  And, before I forget, please let us know if you have some spare time to help OATA continue to serve its members.  We have had many available positions on the board of directors and since 2020, those positions have not been filled.  Please consider joining in some capacity.


Mélita Richardson 

Your President