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 Dear Members, 

It has come to our attention that a fake email has hacked the OATA name and logo and has sent out a go-funding request called "Rose Recovery Journey". If you receive this email, delete it and under no circumstances send any money. This is NOT from OATA. We are looking into what we can do about security.

Thank you,
President, OATA


What is Art Therapy ?

Art Therapy...

  • is a health service profession
  • is based on psychological theory and research
  • employs art and other creative modalities in support of the client's goals
  • endorses the idea that the process of making art is inherently therapeutic
  • takes into consideration thoughts, feelings, behaviours and spirituality within the counselling process
  • can be used to explore issues of relationships, family, loss, life transitions, abuse, and development

may include interventions to:

  • resolve emotional conflict
  • increase self-awareness and self-esteem
  • build social skills
  • change behaviour
  • increase coping skills
  • develop strategies for problem solving

  • For further information on art therapy click here   


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