Welcome to the Ontario Art Therapy Association

The Ontario Art Therapy Association was founded in 1978. The Association is mandated to provide for the development, the promotion and the maintenance of the profession of Art Therapy in Ontario.

Its mission is to serve its members and the public by establishing standards of Art Therapy education, professional competence and ethical practice. Members of the OATA are governed and regulated by a Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and a Constitution.

To serve the people of the Province of Ontario by publishing standards for the practice of Art Therapy.

To encourage and to assist Members of the Association to maintain and improve their knowledge, skill and proficiency in the practice of Art Therapy; and

To take action on issues relevant to mental health and to the practice of Art Therapy throughout the Province of Ontario and to inform the citizens of Ontario about such issues; and

To encourage research in mental health and Art Therapy practice and to facilitate research through the provision of resources; and

To collect and preserve data and documents relating to mental health, the practice of Art Therapy, and the proceedings of the Association and to furnish this information to Members of the Association and members of the public by publication; and

To encourage the progressive development of the profession of Art Therapy; and
To promote the use of art in therapy in institutional and practice settings.

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