Supervision is important not just for students but for all members.

It is best practice to provide service while receiving supervision and OATA encourages all members to engage in this practice.

OATA offers recognition of qualified individuals as Approved Supervisors and maintains a list of Art Therapy Supervisors that are qualified to provide guidance and oversight to members. Approved supervisors renew their supervision annually, and OATA also provides supervisor training. Usually this is done at OATA conferences to ensure the maintenance of skill and the continued learning of Supervisors, and those considering becoming Supervisors. All supervisors approved by OATA must be Registered Members, and are approved by the Registration Chair.

OATA Approved Supervisors

Sharona Bookbinder Thornhill, ON 416-887-9121
Sarah Brodie Burlington, ON 905-333-2717
Betty JB Brouwer Hamilton, ON 905-528-0353 or 866-347-0041
Judi Cullis London & Toronto, ON  
Janice LeBlanc Sharon, ON  
Rapinder Kaur Orangeville, Milton & Brampton, ON 519-307-9000 or 905-783-5939
Katheryn Hubner Kozman Dundas, ON 905-745-9270
Beth Merriam Toronto, ON  
Ana Seara Toronto, ON 647-618-4237
Hannah Sherebrin London, ON & Karmiel, Israel 519-433-8379
Veronica Sweet London, ON  
Margot Sippel Bayfield, ON 519-870-6876


OATA Supervisor Status

In order to apply as an OATA Approved Supervisor, you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Be a Registered member of OATA or of another recognized Art Therapy Association (eg., AATA, or CATA) for a minimum of five years
  • Be a current member in good standing with one of these associations
  • Provide proof of liability insurance

For equivalency supervisor status approval, please send to the OATA Registration Chair the following documents:

  • OATA Application for Supervisor Status
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copy of current association renewal card
  • Copy of proof of liability insurance

(There is no stipulation that a CATA or AATA member also has to hold OATA membership).
Each year Approved Supervisors are required to fill out this application indicating their intention to continue their supervisory status in the coming year, along with the dates of their peer supervision groups over the past year.

Approved Supervisor Application Form

Becoming Registered

Download the OATA Eligibility Requirements for Registration. This package will assist you in advance to collect the appropriate documentation and receipts so that you are prepared when you complete the 1000 paid hours required for Registration.

Registration Application for the Ontario Art Therapy Association

OATA Peer Art Therapy Supervision Policy

  • Supervisors engage in peer supervision a minimum of four hours per year and two times per year with at least one other art therapy supervisor.
  • One of these supervisors have a minimum of ten years experience as an Art Therapist.
  • Supervision hours take place face to face, online or by telephone.
  • Each participant provide an up-date on his/her caseload (sharing difficulties and successes).
  • Each participant have an opportunity to discuss any personal issues that may have come up.
  • Each participant share professional literature, articles of interest, global information, etc.
  • Supervisors complete annually the OATA Approved Supervisor Application Form when they renew their OATA membership.