Membership: Benefits and Levels

Membership to the OATA Membership with the OATA is of interest to Art Therapists in practice, Art Therapy trainees and professionals in related fields; all of whom have an interest in maintaining high standards in Art Therapy and in receiving current information related to the field of Art Therapy. Active membership in the OATA offers the support of a regulating body, strengthens the credibility of our profession, and provides opportunities for networking and growth.

As an OATA member, benefits you will receive include:

  • LIABILITY INSURANCE options are available for qualified members in Professional, Registered and Retired levels of membership through a third party provider.
  • TAPESTRY, the newsletter of the OATA
  • CONFERENCES are hosted bi-annually by OATA
  • ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGs are hosted annually by OATA and include extra workshops, trainings and further education.
  • DISCOUNTS are available for members for Conferences and other events hosted by OATA
  • OATA DIRECTORY is a list of current members in good standing with OATA and is posted publicly for service users looking for an Art Therapist.
  • ETHICS COMMITTEE. Members have access to the Ethics Committee as a resource and guide to ethical decision making.
  • MEMBERSHIP ONLY SECTION. With your membership you will have access to OATA’s member only section on the website which is your portal to many of the benefits mentioned above.
  • JOB POSTINGS are listed when available on the OATA website, as well as requests for services from people looking for Art Therapists.
  • REGISTRATION OATA offers a Registration process, which is available to qualified members who are seeking a path to Registration and Supervisor status.

SUPERVISION OATA offers recognition of qualified individuals as Approved Supervisors and maintains a list of Art Therapy Supervisors that are qualified to provide guidance and oversight to members.

New Member Applications & Member Categories

The membership chair will approve all applications and email your membership card to confirm your status is up to date and you are a member in good standing with the OATA.

Membership Renewals For those who are already a member, please renew your membership by logging into your account and filling out the Membership Renewal Form. All members are expected to submit their renewal forms and pay for the membership fee by March 1st of every year. $50 late fee will be applied after March 1st. Members are considered Lapsed if dues are not paid within the said year and a $75 fee will be applied to lapsed members who are renewing.

Please note that NEW MEMBERS will not be approved until all official documentation and payment is received. Requirements to apply for new memberships can be reviewed below. Any inquiries can be directed to

All membership level changes must be approved by the Membership Chair. Mid-year level changes are effective immediately, payment of said level changes are effective at year end.





Levels of Membership and Requirements

Registered Art Therapist

As of 2023, OATA’s Professional members in good standing who have been practising the act of art therapy for a minimum of 5 years and who are registered psychotherapists with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) can now be grand-parented into our association as OATA Registered Art Therapists (OATR).


OATR designation, by the OATA Board
Requests for eligibility sent to: Registration Chair

  • May hold office and supervise A.T. students.
  • Required: 1000 hours of supervised paid direct client contact accumulated after graduation; one hour of supervision per 20 hours of practice.
  • Eligible to apply for this membership level after six months as a professional member.
  • Mid-year level approvals are effective immediately, payment associated with level change is updated at year end.



Professional Member


  • Documentation of 700 practicum hours using the Verification of 700 hours form.
  • Scans of official transcripts from a recognized art therapy program
  • Scans of official transcripts from a university where you attained undergraduate degree.
  • May hold office and, after six months, apply for registered membership.
  • Required: a B.A. and completion of a comprehensive training program in art therapy, which includes 400 hours of classes which must include a minimum of 250 hours of art therapy theory and practice and 700 hours of practicum supervised by a registered art therapist.

*As of 2018, New Graduates of the Toronto Art Therapy Institute need only provide proof of graduation by submitting a copy of their diploma to apply for this level of membership.



Graduate Member

  • Scans of official transcripts
  • Required: completion of training recognized art therapy training program.
  • Not required to hold a B.A.
  • Should have some but allowed less than 700 hours in practicum.
  • Must prove practicum hours through use of the Verification of 700 hours form although may have less than 700 hours.



Student Member
Free for Active Art Therapy Students for the first 2 years of study at a recognized Art Therapy Training Institution. $50.00 annually after 2 years

  • Scan of official art therapy student ID card
  • Scans official transcripts from a recognized art therapy program
  • Membership application form available at the end of the page entitled “OATA Membership renewal form”

Student members have all the rights and privileges of other levels of membership such as conference discounts, Tapestry subscription etc. but they may not vote, hold office and are not eligible for Professional Liability Insurance. They may however join committees, volunteer and join other OATA initiatives.



Inactive Member

For current Professional, Registered or Graduate members who will not be practicing art therapy in said year. Must provide a statement in writing of intent to not practice for the calendar year.

Continues to have access to benefits of OATA membership, except they cannot vote or hold office and are not eligible for professional liability insurance, or the directory.

Contact the Membership Chair for further details.




Associate Member

Membership level for those who wish to support the purposes and objectives of the Association. Associate members are included on the OATA emailing list to receive updates and information on art therapy in Ontario. Will receive a subscription to Tapestry the Association Newsletter and discounts on OATA hosted events.

They are not not eligible to vote or hold office, are not eligible for liability insurance, inclusion on the directory or access to the members only section of the OATA website.



Retired Member

Retired members are Professional and Registered members who have reached the national age of retirement, or who are eligible to retire with full benefits under the current regulations. Retired Members have all the rights and privileges granted to Professional members of the Association.

The application is to be used by Registered or Professional members in good standing with the OATA who are at least fifty-five (55) years of age and no longer engaged in the active practice of Art Therapy.