OATA Registration

Registration in OATA refers to a specific designation and membership level. Registered members may use the credentials OATR.

Registered members are expected to have a level of experience and skill in their work.

Members can apply to this level of membership after they have earned 1000 hours of direct client contact among other requirements.

This designation allows a member to become eligible to supervise others in the field and announces to others that they have competence and experience in the field.

How should I prepare/organize myself for becoming Registered?

You must keep track of your direct client paid hours and submit them upon registration.

You must make sure that your Art therapy supervisor has had one of the following designations for at least two years: OATR, RCAT, or ATR.

They must also have current and ongoing Art Therapy working experience.

Ask your potential supervisor if they meet these qualifications and if s/he does not, s/he must contact the Registration Chairperson for an application form.

Please ensure that you have been a professional member of OATA for at least 6 months prior to applying for registration.

Professional liability insurance is a requirement in order to become registered and all those who are practising should have some form of insurance, either privately or through the agency in which you are employed.


OATA Eligibility Requirements for Registration (pdf)

Application for Registration (pdf)

To apply, please use the form below to upload your documents and complete payment.

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